Small Group Dinners

WHALAC team is very excited to receive you all in the Wharton Latin America Conference to be held in Philadelphia on March 29th and 30th. To make this experience even better, WHALAC is organizing Small Group Dinners with some of our Speakers and Judges. This will be unique opportunity to meet and interact with our top speakers and judges.


Friday, March 29th, at 20h30


Restaurants in Philadelphia downtown


Anyone who has a ticket to the conference

Application: All applicants should fill the form below by 23h59 of March 23rd (Saturday). We encourage you to apply for at least 3 dinners to increase your chances of been selected, but you can be selected only to one. Selection will be done by lottery. You should apply using the same e-mail you used to buy the WHALAC ticket.


Set-up: table composed by 1-2 speakers/judges and 6 students


Cost: $50 per participant to cover your dinner and of the speaker/judge. This value includes a main course (to be chose by you – limited to $30), non-alcoholic beverages (alcoholic beverages shall be paid separately), taxes and tip


Payment: Dinner to be paid in advance to WHALAC. To guarantee a spot, payment shall be made by March 25th (Monday). Payment instructions will be sent to the winners of the lottery.

Wharton Latin American Conference is an independent student-led conference at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. All content is the responsibility of the clubs Contact us: info@whalac.com

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